Todd and Christine Olson | Grasonville, MD

Chris and I are very happy with our geothermal system. We've had no problems what so ever during the frigid, cold/windy weather over the last few weeks and are as warm as we to be! We like to keep the thermostats around 65-67 during the day and below 60 at night, which is probably lower than most people, but we had visitors over this past weekend and the thermostat above 70; the system had no problem keeping up. It's so quiet we don't know that it is on.

As for as costs, I've attached a spreadsheet showing the average daily kWh's used and our Delmarva Power billings that I have received since April 06 (when we moved in). For the past 2 weeks, the daily kWh's ranged from 75-125/day depending on the temp winds during the 24 hour period (the winds lately are routinely 20-30 with gusts up to 40 off the bay!) For my most recent billing I had to call Delmarva to adjust their readings because it was way over the actual. Their estimated readings are for the "average" house and their estimated reading was more than 50% above my actual readings! Also, remember that our house is 4,880 sq. ft and has over 70 windows. So geothermal really does save money, and more importantly the environment!