Dan and Pat Freedman | Silver Spring, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Freedman wanted to build their dream home to be environmentally friendly and also as cost effectively as possible. One of the ways they implemented these ideas was by contacting Ground Loop to install their geothermal system. They run a great website documenting their experience (click on their names to visit it in a new window) from start to finish and have a monitor installed where you can watch their system running and see it's usage in various charts. From their website, "The geothermal system keeps the house very comfortable and every morning I take a nice hot shower powered by the leftover energy from the heating system. (BTW: the shower from Hudson-Reed is outstanding at ½ the price of US models). I have a data system setup to monitor the Heating/Cooling system, which you can see an up to the minute view of below." Their energy logger is very impressive and really demonstrates how efficient geothermal is. Earle and Donna Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Bailey loved their ground loop system so much that they wrote a letter to all of their neighbors to educate them about the benefits of geosystems. Below is a copy of that letter; Dear Neighbor,

We just had a Geothermal Heat Pump installed as were warned that our 15 year old heat pump needed to be replaced. Geothermal is more efficient than your traditional heat pump because it uses the constant moderate temperatures found below the earth's surface for heating and cooling rather than the air temperature that traditional heat pumps use. High efficiency geothermal systems use a small amount of energy to capture and move a large amount of energy. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes geothermal systems as the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective comfort systems available. It is environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees, or taking two cars off the road. It is so earth-friendly that the state and federal governments are offering incentives to offset the cost of installation. Please feel free to call, email, or stop by for more info.